Why is it called Hutton Hill Designs?

. . .

Customers ask me why my business is called Hutton Hill Designs.

The answer is not as simple as it seems. In fact, it was almost names something else.

. . .

My original design business was called Studio K.

I wanted the 'K' because I've been correcting the spelling of 'Kerry' for my whole life. Even my husband (new boyfriend at the time) wondered why I wore a 'K' necklace instead of 'C' because he thought my name was spelled 'Carrie'.

. . .

When I began this latest creative venture though, I wanted something new.

I had an online username of 'Turtle Hill'. It was just a whimsical name, and I liked how it sounded. So that was it. I got excited and went ahead and created a logo, and a business card, and then searched the name to register the business.

Unfortunately, that name was taken (Arrgh!) and I couldn't use it. So I needed an alternative.

Driving home one night, I realized the answer was right in front of me. 😎

We live on Hutton Hill Road.

I searched the name 'Hutton Hill Designs, and it was available.


Now I love my business name.

Hutton Hill Road follows the path the highway used to take up and over Hutton Hill. When the main road was rerouted around the hill, it gave us this short, quirky little connector road.

We love it!