My Story



My name is Kerry Rouse, and I'm an artist and designer located in beautiful West Grey, Ontario. I work from my home studio on Hutton Hill, and I’m inspired by all the amazing birds, animals, flowers and trees right here in my backyard (and in the backyards of my friends and neighbors). I take photographs at every opportunity, and in every season, and I work with these photos to create my artwork. These are the images featured on the products here in my shop.

I began my artsy life in high school and went on to study at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto. My career has included textile and wallcoverings design, jewelry design, and freelance graphic design. But now I’m doing my own work and loving it!

I’m excited by all the advances in digital printing allowing beautiful high-quality imagery to be printed on almost anything. Digital printing also allows production of items in small batches. It’s good for the environment (less waste) and good for the consumer (more choice).

I’ve been very lucky to find suppliers who feel the same way I do about quality. Each item in my shop is crafted to the highest specs, and I’m proud to offer them to you.

My fine art prints and designer pillow covers are printed and handcrafted in the Montreal area, my pillow inserts are made just outside of Toronto, and my wrapped canvas prints are printed and finished in Calgary. 

My new mugs and greeting cards are printed and shipped from either the USA or Canada depending on the order destination.

I hope you enjoy looking around my shop here on Hutton Hill. Come back again soon.                                         

Here's a photo my friend Karen took of me while we were out with our cameras.  Honestly, I didn't see the sign.  😉


This is my studio/office.  It's never this neat but this is where I work on my photos and graphics, re-imagine images, design products, and work on all things digital like this website, my Etsy shop, social media posts, etc. 


And this is what happens when the doorbell rings during a photoshoot here in my living room.


We have a lot of fun here on Hutton Hill.  😊  Stop by again!