About My Canvas Prints


My wrapped canvas prints are made to order for you by my fabulous supplier in Calgary, Alberta.

Available in a range of sizes, each canvas is carefully printed on 100% cotton canvas (not polyester) and hand-mounted on a 1.5" solid wood stretcher frame.  Each canvas print is also coated with UV and water-resistant coating making it resistant to scratches, fingerprints, humidity and harmful light. 

How to Hang:  

1. One of the best ways to hang your canvas print is with 2 level nails or screws spaced apart, directly in the wall.  (My husband uses drywall screws.)  Just lower the top part of the frame on those nails or screws, and you're done!  This way your canvas will not shift, will always hang level, and will stay flush to the wall.  (It's also easy to take down for a light dust every now and then.)

2. If you'd like to hang your canvas print without using nails, Velcro and 3M offer many adhesive methods.  Some involve adhering the canvas back edges to the wall with strips, and other options involve adhering a plastic support to the wall and lowering the canvas onto the support.  My advice for all of these is to read and follow the instructions carefully.  Pay special attention to wait-times for adhesive bonding, and be sure to get the right product for the weight of your canvas.

Care:  Dust regularly, and wipe gently only when necessary with a clean damp cloth.  Avoid handling the front of your canvas print as much as possible.

Check out all my Canvas Prints, or if you have a custom design in mind, let me know all about it!

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