Meet Emma!

Our 'Little White Dog Number 3' is a constant source of joy in our lives here on Hutton Hill.  She's sweet and spicy, friendly and loving, and always in charge.
Clearly, she's allowed on the furniture.  :)  And she really likes pillows, so it was a natural to include her some of the product photos.  (Don't worry, she only poses with prototype pillows, and never with products that go to you, so no allergy issues.)
Emma is a bichon/shih tzu, which means she has her 'hair' done more often than I do.  She's nine years old, and still plays like a puppy (when she feels like it).
Emma barks at squirrels, chipmunks, cats, raccoons, birds, bunnies, and anything else she spies here on Hutton Hill.  If in doubt, she barks at it.  Emma also barks at delivery vans, visiting friends, and random noises out in the world.  Many 'zoom' calls and meetings have had extra canine audio accents thanks to her.
Her name comes from her predecessor Maggie (Small White Dog Number 2).  My husband said he wanted to call this one M or M2 because she looks a lot like Maggie.  I said that sounded a bit too Star Wars, so we agreed on Emma.  Sometimes when she looks at me I think Yoda would've suited her too.
. . .
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Emma loves hers!