The Squisher

When I first started selling online, I was surprised to learn that shipping pillow covers with inserts can be expensive.  (It's just a pillow, right?)  Well, they're heavier than they look, and their bulkiness can take a package to another level.  The first time I shipped a pillow, it cost almost twice what I had estimated.


Two boards on tabletop

My husband invented The Squisher to reduce the bulk of shipped pillows and minimize shipping costs.  It's really just a couple of shelf boards, but they're hinged together allowing the squishing to happen.  This reduces the overall volume of the package, and ultimately saves you money.   😊   

Here are some photos of the The Squisher in action in our Shipping Department (also known as the kitchen table). 

Each pillow is placed in a new, reusable, transparent plastic bag.  It's then set in The Squisher, and (you guessed it) it gets squished.  Then we close the bag with a twist tie, add a ribbon, and it's ready to go!

Please Note:  No pillows are harmed by The Squisher.  They will 're-inflate' as soon as the twist tie is released.  :)

With experience, we've also learned that certain size boxes ship for less than others.  We're always trying to minimize shipping costs, and pass the savings on to you.

If you have any questions about shipping your orders, use the Shipping link at the bottom of the page, or Contact Me directly.  I'm happy to help!