Seagulls instead of Sailboats

This little seagull was not impressed with my visit to Kelso Beach.

On a daytrip to Owen Sound, (a port city about 40 minutes north of here on Georgian Bay), I visited several of the area's beaches and other water access points looking for sailboats to photograph.

. . .

I never did find any sailboats, but I came across this rather loud seagull perched on a rock at Kelso Beach. The closer I got to him, the louder he became. Clearly, this was his area and I was not welcome.

You can see him eyeing me in the picture.

I took several shots of him, and even got one in the parking lot as he made sure I got back in my car and left.

. . .

'Squawky' is now featured on designer pillows and wall art in my Lakehouse Cottage collection.

I wonder what he'd think of that!

Original Photo

This is the seagull that let me know who was in charge. It was a sunny day in a shallow area of the beach so the water appears golden instead of blue.

Final Image

Here's my final version of Squawky the Seagull. Softer, less sinister, with blue water and a much larger rock. 😊


"We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails." - Dolly Parton