It was a discovery of chickens!

. . .

I learned a long time ago that it's a good idea to take my camera everywhere I go. And that certainly was true the day my friend Karen and I took a glass-blowing class from a talented local artist named Kate.

. . .

We arrived at Kate's studio and were surprised to find a whole lot of chickens running around her yard. (We were even more delighted when a few of them came in to 'help' us in the glass studio during the lesson as well.)

Such fun!

We had a wonderful time making blown glass ornaments, and when we were done, Kate allowed me to take a few pics of her flock.

. . .

Kate's chickens became the inspiration for my Chickens artwork now featured on designer pillows, wall art and greeting cards.

Here's the before and after of one of them...

Original Photo

Chickens are not easy to photograph (they run around like chickens) but this gorgeous Barred Plymouth Rock Hen 'posed' for me and I couldn't resist!

Final Product

It doesn't happen very often, but this source image was nearly perfect. I just had to render her amazing striped feathers, adjust the red shade of her comb and wattles, and give her some feet of course. 😊


Huge thanks to Kate and her chickens!

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